Any questions left?

How do I become a tenant in Plug & Study:2?

Simply apply online using our application form with the following documents, which are best kept ready for upload: Completed self-disclosure, copy of your official photo ID, enrollment or admission notice, proof of income (salary, BaföG, etc.), proof of liability insurance, voluntary third-party guarantee form with official photo ID and proof of salary Credit report / Schufa (voluntary).

What types of apartments are there?

There are 5 apartment types, which differ in the attributes of size (living area), balcony/terrace (yes/no/size), height/floor and location and compass direction.

How much is the monthly rent?

BASIC + – € 460 per month
BASIC + Duo – € 460 per month per resident

How much is the deposit?

The rental deposit is two lump sum rents and must be paid once before moving in. The best way is by bank transfer.

When will the deposit be returned?

Deposit payments will be returned after the return of your defect-free apartment (a handover appointment with our staff is to be carried out) usually within 8 weeks after the end of the rental period to the account named by you in the handover protocol.

If repairs are necessary, it may take longer depending on the extent. If you treat your apartment well, then you can count on a quick processing.

Is a tour possible?

You would like to get an impression of the location, the concept and the equipment? We would be happy to arrange an appointment with you. Just contact us by mail In the application form you can also optionally check the field “Viewing desired”. Visits are subject to the availability of the apartments, i.e. in case of full occupancy not possible within the apartments. The remaining part we can show you after an appointment.

What happens if the type of apartment you want is not available?

You can select your desired apartment types in the application process in order. I.e. what you click on first is what you want most etc.

If we are unable to serve you at all, you can request directly in the application process that we put you on the waiting list to be able to consider you at a later date.

What is included in the all-inclusive rental?

rent (otherwise called cold rent)
use of the rented furniture and fixtures as well as the kitchenette
as well as the common used rooms
cold and hot water, heating
covered bicycle storage
common rooms
free WLAN
digital TV and internet connection
no service charge billing

What is not included in the rent?

Not included, of course, are the personal items you bring with you.

Are there any additional costs?

Everything is included in your all-inclusive rental. Easy to calculate, all-inclusive, carefree rental.

Only the GEZ fees must be paid by you personally. Please inform yourself at the contribution service.

Lease terms

You always rent for at least six months. Upon presentation of the valid enrollment certificate, the rental period can be extended by six months at a time. Normally, this is possible a maximum of three times.

Is it allowed to go below the minimum rental period of 6 months?

If you have rented an apartment, this means that you are initially bound to the rental contract for six months (one semester). During this time, you are responsible for paying the monthly flat-rate rent – regardless of whether or not you occupy your apartment during this period.


A notice of termination is not necessary. Our temporary rental contracts expire automatically, you do not have to worry about anything else. Details about the apartment handover you clarify with your contact person on site. You can find out how often you can extend your temporary rental contract in the section “Rental periods”.

Can I have visitors in my apartment?

Of course you may receive visitors in your apartment, but not as a permanent guest. Your all-inclusive rent includes of course an apportionment of the consumption costs over all apartments, it would be unfair to the others, who have to bear the additional costs. Occasional visitors, e.g. over the weekend, are of course allowed.

Equipment and furnishing

Your apartment is fully furnished: Hallway and bathroom offer space to arrive and relax, the kitchenette to recharge your batteries. For private things there is storage space in cupboards and shelves and a bed box. The area for living and studying with desk, chair and bed (1.2 meters wide) is arranged directly around the large, floor-to-ceiling window. This feel-good atmosphere is further enhanced by modern furnishings in a straightforward, clear design with refreshing color accents. Modern lamps and high windows with high-quality light and privacy protection.

Are all individual apartments furnished?

Yes, the apartments are rented fully furnished. You only need to bring bathroom and kitchen utensils and your personal belongings.

Are there partially furnished apartments or not furnished at all?

No. The furnishings and equipment are always included in the rent.

Where can I do my laundry?

We have our own laundry room in the immediate vicinity of the elevator. You can comfortably wash and dry your clothes.

Wo kann ich mein Fahrrad parken?

There is a secure lockable bicycle storage room.

Where can I park my car?

At Plug & Study there is a bright, secure video-monitored underground parking garage where you can rent a parking space.

How good are the public transport connections?

Great! There are numerous bus lines on the nearby Roermonder Straße. The S-Bahn station Aachen West is within walking distance.

Are there shopping facilities on site?

Aachen’s city center is only a stone’s throw away by bike or on foot. Here you can explore supermarkets and stores for daily needs as well as a variety of gastronomic offers, burger stores, gas station, kiosks, leisure facilities, sports and fitness center and much more.

Is there a contact person on site?

At Plug & Study Home:2, there is a contact person on site who will be happy to take care of your concerns.


Part of your all-inclusive rental is internet availability. Each apartment has its own modem and can be upgraded for power users at our telecommunication partner.


Bring a TV with you or purchase a TV from us and plug it in, done. We are happy to help you. In the community chillout area there is also the possibility to watch movies together.

Landlord certificate

Within 4 weeks after moving in you have to register your new address at the registration office. Send us the form from the office to: We will take care of the rest and get back to you.